How It Works

Genuinely efficient. Incredibly effective.

WaterFence is a truly inspiring product designed to allow homeowners or corporations the ability to save money and protect our nation’s valuable water supply through effective conservation.

WaterFence is an innovative, new freshwater storage system that directs roof rain runoff into a fence system of interconnected water tanks. It can store thousands of gallons of water, giving homeowners or corporations the possibility of water sustainability even in severe drought situations. 

The patented WaterFence System is simple yet effective. Rainwater flows from the roof into the fence, where it is stored in an opaque, closed system that prevents biological growth, bugs, mosquitos, or rodents from contaminating the water. Each fence section holds 240 gallons of water and is made of 100% recyclable (HDPE) polyethylene. Customizable inserts can be attached to the interconnected tanks to give the fence a faux wood or stone finish in a variety of colors. The facade's design can be replaced with a different look at any time, for example in the case of a change in ownership of the home or business.

The fence has been professionally engineered to meet the most rigid building requirements, and it easily passes wind and seismic standards. In the unlikely case of a leak, ball valves on each side of the fence sections provide the ability to isolate the leak and save most of the stored water. The damanged section can either be repaired or replaced without affecting the rest of the system.

A 2,000 square-foot roof receiving one inch of rain can direct more than 1,200 gallons of water into the fence. The stored water can be used in several different ways, most commonly for irrigation, and can be made potable with the addition of a UV purification system and a charcoal filter. The HDPE fencing will not burn and can provide fire protection, and for added protection in the case of a fire, the stored water can be directed back to the roof with the addition of a small water pump and delivery system.

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