WaterFence, Model 062015

WaterFence, Model 062015
Tank Section
Nominal Dimensions:
Length: 7 ft.
Height: 6 ft.
Width: 15 inches.
Empty Weight: 200 to 232 lbs.
Nominal Capacity: 240 U.S. Gallons
Material: HDPE

Tank Interconnections
Pipe: 1-1/2” dia PVC
Valve: 1-1/2” PVC Ball Valve
Flexible Hose: EPDM rubber
Hose clamps 2 inch

Façade for Tank Sections
Material: HDPE
Mounting: Brass inserts embedded during manufacturing using ¼ inch screws

Vertical Supports
Material: Hollow Steel Section
Finish: Galvanized
Nominal Dimensions:
Section: rectangular 6 inch by 3 inch .012 thickness
Height: 6’ to 9’ long - Minimum 4 feet out of ground between tanks
Mounting Distance (Post Center to Post Center): 83.5 inches to 83.75 inches
Steel posts use a 12 inch footing using cement to secure
Concrete Foundation: As necessary, per local soil conditions and codes

Specifications are current as of 08/06/2015. Subject to change without notice


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